Cels to be Auctioned Off


Card Captor Sakura (with matching pencil sketch of Sakura)

this is a 3 layered cel--1) Li Syaoran  2)Kero-chan  3)Sakura


Magic Knights Rayearth (with matching pencil sketch)

Features Fuu and Umi in their battle armour


Cowboy Bebop (with matching pencil sketches)

This features Faye Valentine.  It is 2 layers--one layer is her face and the other are her lips (she's talking in the scene).  The sketch is two sided.


Outlaw Star (with matching pencil sketches)

Featuring Gene contemplating something.  It is 2 layers.  One is of his face and the second is of his eyes.  The pencil sketches are of his face and eyes--2 sketches.

...No, the Hilda one is still not for sale