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Crystal Mascots


All the items on this page are made of Swarovski crystals unless otherwise stated.



Pucca is made with jonquil, black, and red crystals and seed beads.


This cube has vitrial medium crystals.

Hello Kitty's sister, Mimmy

Kitty has crystal, violet, rose, black, and light siam crystals.


This star is made from crystal, light sapphire, sapphire, and capri blue crystals.



  The first time I crystalized my phone. This one uses tanzanite and aquamarine crystals. My phone currently.  This is using crystal, light rose, and sapphire crystals.  


Phone Services:  Crystalizing your phone.





*I did not create the characters Pucca nor Hello Kitty nor any other mascot creature I may have on this page that I've made in crystal beads.