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Della's Soleil

An original piece


Finally, after months of planning and execution, Della's Soleil (the pendant I was making for my cousin Della) is finally finished.  I would like to thank Helmut, Byrex, and Guri as well for helping me make this pendant possible.

Della loves blue topaz, but she has every cut under the sun, so I wanted something different.  This is when I discovered the art of concave faceted gemstones.  The beauty of concave faceted gemstones is that you get so much more brilliance than with flat faceting, it's unbelievable.  No one really seems to be doing this now, but I think it's really going to catch on like mad.  I'm happy to know that Della will be the only person in the country with this one.  Helmut and Byrex helped me so much with this Soleil cut.  It's absolutely gorgeous, and I can't possibly thank him enough.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.

Now, coming up with the design for the bale was something completely different.  Since I don't have a bench here, I left this one entirely up to Guri--an absolutely fabulous jeweler.  The bale is in 14kt white gold.  Once this was completed, I picked up an adjustable length chain from work, and voila, Della's Soleil was finally complete!!

**thank you very much to the guys at the Apple Computer store for letting me use their scanner (great scanner, by the way!)

I then FedEx-ed the pendant off to Della, and she called me up the next day--she LOVES it!!  I'm so happy.  It's such a great piece, I'm very proud of it.  Now, off to my next conquest...the concave cushion cut.


to be continued...