Here are some ok pictures of me--not great by any means though

Apparently, people are starting to look at this page, so I'll write a little bit about myself.  My name is Leigh-pronounced LEE (schatze78 on various groups).  I'm a senior of Zoology at the University of Texas at Austin (graduated FINALLY), and I'm about to go take the MCAT next month (August)--took it and did pretty well-- so that I will hopefully go to medschool in order to become a forensic pathologist.
I currently have a pet fish (a betta) whose name is Oskar (he's 3 now), I also have a cat, Gina, who is residing in Florida.  For the summer, I'm living in Dallas with my brother Jason and the new puppy, Kiros (he's half white German shepard and half Husky if anyone wants to know).  I'll write more about myself  later.

UPDATE:  I've graduated, I'm currently in Florida, my brother still lives in Dallas though...

UPDATE AGAIN:  Been in Houston for about a year; have a cat, have a flat, been through a lot...more to come....

I'm not sure the significance of this, but I've often seen it on pages, and it's in my Hello Kitty address book:

Name: Leigh (you don't need to know my last name)
Height: 5'2 or 5'3, not really sure
Weight: 104-106lbs
Blood Type: O (I think.--I'm not really sure what the point of this is, but why not)

If anyone has the June issue of Ribon Magazine, and you don't want your Penguin Brothers stationary, please write to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--found it in Tokyo, and thank you to everyone who replied.

Also, my email has changed, so please send notes to leighmh78@hotmail.com  (leighmh was taken--go figure)
I'm still searching for any Gokinjo Monogatari items I don't have, so please email me with any info on where to get them *^_^*