furoku (the freebies in many shoujo (girl's) comic magazines)

Gokinjo Monogatari
  seal file
    mini notebook
    clear sac-yellow paper put inside to seperate images
    phonecard (zen-in)

Hanayori Dango
  clock (zen-in)
  organizer (zen-in)
  2000 shitajiki
  2001 shitajiki
    mini notebook
    2000 seals
   2001 seals

  a whole lot of stuff I'll list as I scan

Good Morning Call
  toiletry set (zen-in)
        -carrying case, mirror, toothbrush, washcloth

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
  pencil bag (zen-in)
    red plastic file holder (zen-in)
    blue plastic file holder (zen-in)
    red shitajiki (zen-in)
    various pencils (zen-in)
    stationary set
    wallet/purse with keychain mirror (zen-in)
    tape holder (zen-in)
    drinking straw (still wondering the point of that one)
    ...will add more later

Mint na Bokura

CardCaptor Sakura
  plastic carry bag
   playing cards
   other stuff too--will add more later

Tokyo Mew Mew
   big plastic-y paper bag

Koisuru 1/4
   2000 shitajiki
   cute nurse notebook

Random other stuff I have whose series I know nothing about--if you know, please tell me, I'll put a number next to each one, and (if I remember), what magazine it is from

   hyd, karamade km, piyo piyo familiar, parfait tic seals
  strawberry notebook

   199? trump cards
   2000 trump cards
   Yuka's teatime note
    various Ai Yazawa seals

   2000 B-Wanted trump cards
   2001 Tokyo Mew Mew trump cards
   Uruq notebook
   Wind Up Tina notebook